Crewback handles all payroll and tax administration, including state and federal taxes, deductions, direct deposit, pay cards and benefit administration.  Crewback eliminates your back office payroll administration and liability.

Payroll Administration

Crewback provides Workers’ compensation insurance, general and professional liability insurance and claims management for all employees on your projects.  Crewback eliminates bulk insurance premiums, upfront cash and administration responsibility.

Business Insurance


Crewback provides unlimited funding for all of the labor side of your projects, including wages, taxes, insurance, benefits, per diem and travel expenses.  Crewback will cover all labor expense during your project, improving cash flow and stretching terms with your clients.

Project Funding


  • Access to capital quickly and easily

  • No out of pocket funds for labor

  • Limit owner liability

  • Payroll processing and distribution

  • Tax liabilities met timely and accurately

  • Insurance administration

  • Human Resource compliance

  • Project reporting and labor cost tracking

  • Employee benefits

  • Recruiting services

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Fund and manage multiple projects


Streamline existing projects


Expand with better cash flow and administration


Startups and young companies


New business lines for established companies


Difficult to insure projects


Extend payments terms


Out of state projects


Virtual back office access


Crewback provides project funding and back office solutions to commercial and industrial construction companies in the Southeastern and Southwestern United States.  We offer unlimited funding, insurance, payroll administration and HR compliance for our clients' labor requirements.  Crewback alleviates cash flow challenges, facilitates business growth and allows company owners to focus their energy on building their project instead of administration and human resources.  With 25 years of construction lending experience and 15 years of employment, Payroll and HR experience, our team brings expertise and solutions designed specifically for your project needs.